So the day finally came and my 10 copies of my first ever photography book are in my possession!

Originally I thought I could design and write a book on my own in a matter of weeks.It’s just putting the images in order and writing captions’. Oh, if it was that simple. Not too long into the process I realized that this undertaking was far too large for me to conceivably do on my own, so I turned to Mo and asked for his help.

Without Mo and his design team at Digitech Printers this book wouldn’t exist, plain and simple, and for that I owe them more than words could ever justify. I’m in love with this milestone moment, but more so excited about the places this could go.

Best service, fantastic gear, very nice family run business.  These gentlemen do nice work.  They will sit and tweak your art if its not right and they are super patient.  These guys saved me when I had 2 hours to print 500 postcards for a conference taking place that day.  I emailed the art the night before, called them before they were officially open and Muhammad was happy to help.  Best Printers in Midtown/Chelsea for sure!!

I run my own small business and have been using these guys for years for all my printing needs. I’ve never had to wait past the next morning for my orders to be completed.  Their prices are affordable.  They’re super friendly and accommodating. Best of all is all their guys are Photoshop/Illustrator proficient so I don’t even really use my graphic designer anymore. Thanks Digitech!